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Establishing the artwork for Crunch+


three Crunch+ trainers in studio strike warrior pose with dumbells

Crunch+ trainers in studio balance with pilates hula hoops

Grace reaches for one foot to stretch in Bowery Crunch gym

Grace headshots to show off character variety

Crunch trainers lift barbells in techno lit group fitness studio

Mark Nunez poses

Mark Nunez dances aloneMark Nunez leads group of three dancers in Crunch+ studio

Mark Nunez series of poses and jumps

combination of three headshots of Jamie

three Crunch+ trainers dance follow's Jamie's choreography

Jamie and Aline whip their hair while dancing for Crunch+ in studio

combination of Aline headshots and leading dance sequence

Eric leads group in exercises on the floor in Crunch+ studioEric prepares to throw a medicine ball in Bowery Crunch

Eric headshots and throwing a medicine ball

three trainers jump in group fitness studio

six trainers in assorted solid colors hug in front of Crunch+ logo to form a rainbow

headshots showing off trainer's arms

three trainers jump dramatically in front of the Crunch+ wall

two pictures of Michelle Bastos, first leading a Crunch+ dance class, then a smiling portrait

trainer on the floor for headshot, trainer pulls back, ready to throw punch at heavy bag

trainer leans through equipment on gym floor, trainer's headshot on seamless white

four trainers on bikes point to the sky as they ride in the Crunch+ studio

compilation of three headshots for Laura: twisting body to toss hair, doubled over laughing, standing up straight to smile

Laura leads sexy stretch Crunch+ class includes bending in half to grab right ankle

Boogie swings kettlebell in front of Crunch logo in Bowery Crunch gym, trainer enthusiastically looks at camera while leading online bike ride in Crunch+ studio

compilation of three headshots of Boogie: smirks with hands behind head, looks back over shoulder, punches up and kicks at the same time

first image shows three trainers jumping spread eagle with compression bands around thighs, second image shows three trainers ready to slingshot compression bands at camera in Crunch+ studio

Boogie deadlifts on gym floor at Bowery Crunch

compilation of three trainers: white woman smiles with arms across chest, black woman smiles with fist on hip, trainer punches at the camera

trainer seems to celebrate end of ride, holds up first finger on bike in Crunch+ studio

compilation of three headshots: kicking, fists up, hands behind head

white dog closes eyes while resting on pillow on top of yoga mat next two vibration bowl her trainer is stroking

two trainers each cradle a dog while performing yoga stretch, holding toe of foot on leg extended straight in front while standing

compilation of three headshots: flexing, pointing, laughing

trainer on floor for mountain climbing plank in front of Crunch+ logo in studio

compilation four pictures of Mark Santa Maria: hands in jeans pockets, one fist raised, arms flexed on seamless white, mid dance for Crunch+ video

first picture three trainers take a dramatic sliding step across the floor for dance, second picture Mark carries the Myobility equipment bag


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