I narrowed down my portfolio of stills to two categories—portraits and scenes—because, no matter who I'm shooting for, my goal is to tell a story. I don't want to document what happened—I want to unravel and reveal the emotional core of what's unfolding. Celebrity activations and brand integrations are fun to shoot because my unobtrusive and candid style leaves room for people to work and be themselves. When I need to nail down 24 headshots in 24 minutes, though, I can do that, getting subjects to quickly reflect back confidence and humor. As Malcom Lightner once wrote for me, "Madeline is not so concerned with the reality of a particular situation; she is more attuned to the potential for a greater narrative in the subject. Her photographs make us question what is truly happening in the frame and often suggest a deeper, more significant reality." Or as a Meredith creative director put it more simply: It's not about beautiful faces; it's about beautiful moments.

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Madeline's photos for magazines and newsletters, cast photo for The Awake poster, LG signage to promote the tie-in between the new phone and fashion, headshot boards for the elementary school's 101 Dalmatians.

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