Madeline's work attempts to unravel and reveal the emotional core of her subjects. Her unobtrusive and candid style often reflects the warmth and humor she experiences in daily life. However, Madeline is not so concerned with the reality of a particular situation; she is more attuned to the potential for a greater narrative in the subject. Her photographs make us question what is truly happening in the frame and often suggest a deeper, more significant reality.

After working in broadcast, digital, and print journalism, Madeline wanted to focus only on photography. As she continues to expand into videography and produce the materials that showcase her work, Madeline has decided there's no point hiding the ways she can help bring a story to life.

Madeline began amassing credits for her visuals while still working as a magazine designer because, as budgets for editorial photography crumbled with the stock markets, Madeline was able to illustrate the projects through photographic and hand drawn styles. She continues to pitch creative alternatives when necessary.

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